Purpose and Goals

A) Our purpose is to provide students of Ringling College of Art and Design with an opportunity to create, discover and experiment with digital video/filmmaking. Allowing space for freedom of expression and thought, exploring new possibilities within the digital media, including, but not limiting to experimentation with new software and technology;

B) Sharing the knowledge about the history of experimental films, and broadening our understanding of the contemporary scene of filmmaking and other arts by organizing presentations and panel discussions;

    C) Creating a collaborative space where students from different majors can find a common ground to create and express concepts through the digital media, orienting our projects to become films, installations/projections, interactive art etc., exploring the outcomes of film further then the two-dimensionality;

    D) One of our goals is to explore the fringes of conventional filmmaking and experimental video which are not a part of our curriculum at this time;

E) Exploring the possibilities of distribution within the social media (youtube, facebook, myspace, blogspot etc.).