Saturday, January 29, 2011

Subterranean Celebration

This Friday, January 28, MANA projected a mash up of experimental films by Jabari Anderson, Devin Hughes and Ted Weber, as a part of the Subterranean Celebration, the biggest on campus event organized by the Zig Zag crew. The event was taking place on Ringling College campus inside and outside of the exhibition hall.  Preparing for the event took out many sleepless nights, coffees , technical glitches and newspapers and in the end it turned out to be just amazing. The mash-up from the celebration is going to be soon online for you to watch.
The MANA space of the exhibition was covered with newspapers and filled with old TV-sets, a found crucified doll with Christmas lights on it's head brought a cheerful spirit, since we have luckily helped it find its owner.

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